50 Pips A Day Forex Strategy Book Review

Laurentiu Damir has been trading for some time now. He is also the author of 50 Pips A Day Forex Strategy. He writes about trading strategies and they have proven to be more effective time and again since 2012.


His trading style is the same as that of a price action swing trader. He takes pride in waiting and being patient with the trading opportunities that come his way. From this book you will learn that the 50 pips a day forex strategy has been making consistent profits in the trading market.

The strategy is generally very simple and clear forex trading strategy that is easy to follow. His strategy is mean to allow to begin getting the profits you should be getting per day after trading. Per day, this strategy should make you 50 pips or even more if you are wise and patient about the trades you make.

What makes this book so great ?

We loved his book because not only does it give experienced traders to find a clear strategy to consistently make profits, it is also ideal for beginners as well. It makes it easier for everyone to trade on the Forex strategy.

This strategy is not like the traditional method and the author has made sure that you get the tips and tricks that will allow you to start cashing in profits in Forex trading. He has offered comprehensive and total step-by-step strategies that will equip you with the capability of winning instead of failing.

The strategies are easy to understand. He explains the 4-hour chart, Resistance Candlesticks, that has a perfectly defined entry point, exit levels, and stop loss. The author also gives you a crucial guide that will help you construct a forex trading system that is profitable for you.

The guide will also help you avoid money management and trading mistakes. It will also help those who just started trading on a live account to build a solid forex trading system using solid and sound principles of the trading market.

This book will also prove useful to those who have been on Forex trading for a while with no success whatsoever. It allows such traders to understand that the only reason you haven’t been successful is because you don’t understand the basic trading principles and rules that the forex trading system is using.

This book will teach you how you can build your own forex trading system that is powerful. You will also understand the tools that are most important in forex trading, that is those you should or should not use will trading.

Final Verdict

Damir will show you how you can apply money management rules that are solid and how you can also avoid some of the trading mistakes that you have been making and costing you a chance to win at forex trading. This book will allow you to trade right when you finally decide to trade with the newly developed forex system. Both beginners and experienced traders will benefit from this book.



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