Are you a Victim? Top Automated Trading Scams Exposed!

How great would it be, if you could just download a program, add some seed money, let it run and make millions without doing any additional work? Of course, that was a rethorical question. The lure of automated wealth builders is drawing in millions of dollars into the pockets of ruthless scammers – every month. Especially since the bitcoin boom, fraudsters have found new ways to scam those, who are too greedy, to naive – who want wealth NOW.

There are some trading robots that operate on sound rules and can help you make trading decisions. I‘m not entirely advocating against them. I just want to make sure you are not playing a game you can‘t possibly win. This is why you will find a few Reviews of fraudulent automated trading systems below.


Quantum Code

Bitcoin Loophole

Snapcash Binary



After reading through these reviews, you might find a pattern:

  •  They use fake names and identities
  •  Hide behind actors
  •  Are registered offshore
  •  Have bad reviews all over the web

Whenever you are about to embark on a new moneymaking adventure, do your homework!

Research until you are confident you can actually earn cash, given you put in the work required.

Good luck!

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