Best Bitcoin Trading Robots 2018 – The Complete VIP List!

In as much as trading bots help you control your trading with volatile markets, they may not always make the right decisions for you. Even if you don’t have the time to look at your charts the whole day, trading bots do not assure you that you will gain from Bitcoin trading. You may end up spending more to get a trading bot and suffer loses in the end.

Sometimes, relying on robots to trade may not be suitable for you especially when you are just a beginner because they may not be able to perfectly predict crypto currency markets. This is because of many variables that crypto currency markets has. It is therefore better to rely on yourself to trade rather than using a robot.


Below are trading bots according to how they are ranked.

  1. Haasbot

This trading bot is ranked as the best because it practically does everything for you. Their costs ranges between 0.12 BTC and 0.32 for three months. This should tell you that you cannot trade using this bot if you are new to trading bots. It requires experienced traders who are willing to pay that much with high hopes of making much more profits trading bitcoin.

Haasbot provides you with technical indicators such as MACD and Fibonacci to ensure safety of your trade. They use real time back testing to see how you perform in a variety of market conditions. Customizable bot types such as market making and scripted bots makes it convenient for you to trade. Different currencies such as Binance, Bitmex, Gemini and Poloniex are also supported by haasbot.

  1. Cryptotrader

Though not very popular, this trading bot does need you to install it on your system because it is cloud based. What makes it stand out is that you can both buy and sell your own trading strategies through strategies market place. Cryptotrader supports most bitcoin exchanges and currencies to enable you to test the outcome of bitcoin trading while making use of back testing tool before trading live. It helps you know which trading strategies give you better results with both competitive and still market.

For newbies, you can make use of the free and paid strategies while more experienced traders can benefit from advanced strategies provided in cryptotrader. You will be required to pay between 0.006 BTC to 0.087 for the subscription plan. Numerous bots are provided for you with a maximum equity limit set. In case there are changes in the markets, you receive email and text alerts to keep you updated.

  1. 3commas

Whether you are trading from your mobile device or computer, this trading bot is supported on all devices since it is web based. Trading with 3 commas gives you a special bonus of trading up to $ 4000 for free as a token of appreciation for joining them. It is popular for operating with exchanges such as Bittrex, GDAX, Cryptopia, Huobi and Yobit.

Here, you get to trade at your convenience by copying actions of professional traders so that you can learn from them. You are able to customize trading strategies by setting stop loss and take profit targets. Selecting crypto portfolios that are best from skilled traders, enables you to create and analyze your own portfolio to maximize profits. This is ranked among one of the best trading bots.

  1. Gunbot

This supports a wide variety of features that you can choose from depending on how you want to trade. You are required to pay between 0.026 and 0.16 BTC only once according to what you choose to work with. Dealing with exchanges such as Crptopia, CEX,io and Gdax, it makes it easy for you to trade.

You can use Gunbot on your windows, Mac or Linux. Gunbot helps you execute various trading strategies to earn significant profits. Telegrams such as crypto sight are used here to monitor exchanges. You can get detailed information regarding the currency pairs it uses to trade on your behalf as well as alerts displaying how much profit you make. This makes it a reliable trading bot to use.

  1. Zenbot

Trading with zenbot is free since it is an open source bot. High frequency trading and its ability to support lots of assets makes it rank as one of the best trading bots. It supports exchanges such as GDAX, Kraken and Bittrex. Back testing strategies and plugin architecture are also featured in Zenbot.

The potential of gaining 1.531 ROI makes it rank among the best trading bots that are there in the market. Lack of updating their platform though, has made Zenbot lag behind on some crucial market information. Updates should be done so as to reduce the complaints of financial losses from clients.

  1. Gekko

Start bitcoin trading with a trading bot that lays down the basic strategies for you. You can join Gekko trading bot for free from GitHub platform. Supporting over 17 bitcoin exchanges such as Bitfinex and Poloniex, it makes it easy for you to execute live orders. Plugins through email and telegram keep you up to date even if you may not have lots of connections.

The web interface enables you to monitor your data, back test and calculate indicators on your behalf. This trading bot however limits you on the number of trades that you can make in a week. It also does not offer you arbitrage meaning less features are not suitable for a professional trader. This is what makes it rank on the lower side of the list of bitcoin trading bots.

  1. Usi tech

Dealing with both forex and bitcoin currency, Usi tech combines unique algorithms to minimize the risks of suffering financial losses. Bitcoin trading with this bot allows you to trade free. Here, you start by signing up your trading account, then purchase a bitcoin package to trade. BTC packages guarantee you a 140% return on your initial capital within 140 days. This means that each day the pay back is equivalent to 1%.

You can make exchanges using Bitcoin transfer with the convenience of depositing and withdrawing funds all day long. Through incorporating conservative trading strategies, the trading bot prevents you from losing initial capital as it stops trading during unfavorable market conditions. Though this trading bot made it to the list of one of the best that there was in 2017, their transparency in trading remains questionable making it rank low in this list.

  1. Btc robot

One of the oldest bots used when crypto currencies were first introduced is Btc robot. With one of the easiest platforms, it is ideal for only heavy investors. Get 3 licenses on any MT4 broker that you prefer such as FXChoice and Tallinex.pto currency. One of these brokers gives you crypto currency options such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. You also get to enjoy being a member for a whole year and access to platinum support.

According to your needs, you get a license plan ranging between $ 149 and $ 498. You can either choose to download the trading bot or pay more for the cloud form. A 60 day refund is offered to you in case the trading bot does not fit your trading strategy and is making you suffer losses rather than gaining from it. Most people find it difficult to generate significant ROI from it. This makes rank below other trading bots.

Final thoughts

Though expensive, haasbot remains the best bitcoin robot that you can ever choose. It not only gives you a chance to sit back and watch as it trades on your behalf, but also increases the chances of gaining maximum profits with low chances of suffering losses by offering your trade maximum safety.

Even though using robot is now a common trend used today, iq options provides you with a better solution to trade cryptos manually and earn much more than using trading bots. Opening an account with iq options exposes you to wide trading and investment opportunities that keep you in control of your trade. By trading manually, you enjoy leverage and get higher returns.

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