Core Spreads

Core Spread brokers give an opportunity to participate in Financial Spread Bets and CFDs. These are complex instruments. We will help you understand how this broker operates!


Who is behind Core spreads?

Core Spread founded in 2014 and its run by Finsa Europe Limited. It is registered in England and Wales and regulated by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which is mandated to conduct regulations for financial services firms and financial markets in the United Kingdom. FCA secures and protects traders from exploitation by ensuring you get fair deals.

The broker has its headquarters in London, United Kingdom. It offers tight spreads and more than two thousand assets. Assets are offered in Forex currency pairs, stock indices, Commodities including gold, silver, and crude oil as well as selected British, European and American stocks or shares. It is online with security encryptions to protect your information. It is also easy to use with all the necessary tools for efficient trading. The site does not have any educational offerings.

Trading Platforms Available.

The broker has two major trading platforms. The Core Trader Platform is the Web and app-based platform and is used on Computers and Mobile phones. It is simple, clutter-free and easy to use. This platform also offers the lowest prices on fixed spreads with no commission. It Suitable for spread betting.

The Core MT4 platform comprises the variable spreads and commissions of 1.5 dollars for all clients. It is loaded with a comprehensive technical solution available for your laptop and mobile phone and is also suitable for CFDs trading. This platform allows the running of expert advisors. These two platforms operate on ios and Android systems.

What types of Accounts are available?

There are two significant accounts available from this broker. They both offer similar trading conditions. The one difference is the usage of the custom for Core Trader platform or the one for Meta Trader 4 Platform. No minimum deposit is required when opening an account. However, there is a minimum of 10 dollars needed to make a trade.

There is a Demo account feature. It allows you to perform real-life practice before using real money. The Demo account feature will enable you to choose either Core Trader or MT4 platforms to make sure you are well versed with the knowledge required before trading.

Deposits/Withdrawal Options

Core Spread accepts credit cards, debit cards, e-wallet skrill or wire transfer as a method of depositing funds to your account. This makes the process easy and secure. These similar payment methods can be used to withdraw your funds from your account. You are also at liberty to deposit or remove the amount of money of your choice. The only restriction that you might face during these two processes will be from the channels alone. For both deposits and withdrawals, the card transfers are free on the side of the company. It accepts currencies in GBO, US Dollars, and Euros.

Spreads, Leverage, Bonuses, Promotions and Commissions.

There may be offers as a new member. You can receive a 50% spread rebate at the first month of opening the Core Trader platform account. There is also a royalty bonus to the volume of a maximum of 25% spreads and commission paid as a rebate. However, these are linked to your social media accounts, Facebook and Twitter as well as trading volume.

Even though Core spreads treats its clients equally, there is an option for professional clients with experience and large transactions to be given leverage restrictions to protect loses, disclosures and negative balance protection. It offers free trading signals for qualified clients.

Customer support

The team for customer support is very polite and responsive. Help is available for 24 hours.There is also an online chat facility on the website that facilitates the question and answer process with the agent. You can also call or email them.


  • No minimum deposit

There are no funds that are required for you to open an account. You will only need a margin to cover in event money is lost on a trade.

  • No withdrawal /deposit charges from the company.

Withdrawing or depositing your funds will be free. You will only incur charges during withdrawal from your preferred channel.

  • Easy to use

The Core spreads platforms are very easy to use, user-friendly and straightforward. Its website has been cleared from all the clutter making it precise and without too much confusing information.


  • It does not offer learning materials

The education materials are not included; therefore a new user will have to source for information elsewhere.


Considering the unavailability of a minimum balance, the Core Spread can be a good platform for a beginner. They are regulated by FCA making it authentic and trustworthy. It also offers bonuses and leverage that keep their clients encouraged. You will also like the zero charges on deposits and withdrawals from the account. Although there are no educational materials, you will find that using it without much assistance is easy.


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