Exness Review

This review discusses exness as a forex broker to give you exposure to financial markets from which you can trade forex. It gives details on how you can carry out trade through different platforms and enlightens you about the pros and cons of choosing this forex broker.

Founded by finance and information technology professionals, exness has been able to conquer its way into the financial industry. Dating back from 2008, this forex broker has developed with time due to its ability to keep up with new trends in trade. The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission is responsible for regulating Exness limited which is an international business company found in Saint Vincent.


By complying with anti-money laundering laws, exness assures you safety of funds. The forex broker works in hand in hand with the government to fight money laundering affecting forex trade. They also do a thorough investigation on clients to verify if the information they provide is theirs as a way of preventing identity theft. Feel secure trading forex with exness for they can be trusted and manage your transactions securely.

Features of Exness forex trading

How do you start trading?

Due to many years of experience in forex trading, Exness has been able to deliver because they understand the needs of their clients. Many traders choose Exness due to their high quality services as well as professional trading conditions. Exness gives you various accounts that you can use to trade forex. You can choose either of this accounts to trade forex:

  • Cent account
  • Mini Islamic account
  • Classic account.

Cent account

Discover how to manage risks with cent account of exness. This account gives you an opportunity to trade forex with more than 120 instruments. Here, you get to trade forex 80 currency options.

Mini Islamic account

Trading leveraged products is a risky affair and may lead to losses. However, using Exness mini Islamic account gives you unlimited leveraged ratios starting from 1:2. It makes you flexible to choose any kind of leverage so that you can try out different trading strategies to succeed in forex trading. With this account, you can trade from as low as 0.01. Since trading forex on exness involves zero commission, you get to keep spreads as low as possible using a mini Islamic account.

Classic account

Isn’t it relieving to know that you can trade forex just by using your phone? Open a classic account with exness and enjoy one click trading. This account gives you the chance to conduct swaps and trailing stops. You can also hedge on a positions to increase the chances of gaining profit trading forex with a classic account. Opening this account gives you bonus rewards in form of a percentage of the amount deposited.

What trading platforms can you use on exness?

Meta trader 4

This is a convenient and functional platform that can help you succeed in forex trading. Here you can trade through placing new orders and operate different accounts at the same time. The platform provides you with two types of order executions namely instant and market execution. It allows you to submit your forex trading orders.

You can also deposit or withdraw funds using this platform as you trade through electronic payment systems such as bit coin and web money. Implement various trading strategies on Meta trader 4 platform. Take advantage of analytical tools such as indicators and scripts provided in this terminal to carry our forex trading.

Meta trader 5

Exness has gone one step forward to make it easy for you to trade forex. They have come up with an advanced version of Meta trader 4 that provides better financial instruments for you to trade. You can now easily trade share and options from this terminal. If you are trading on stock market, this terminal allows you to set additional conditions such as Fill or Kill.

Web trader

Have full access to MT4 platform by using this web based version through a computer supporting internet.

Other special offers and bonuses

Join exness forex broker and receive a 35% deposit bonus. Depending on your trading volume, you are would become liable to receive a profit ladder bonus. The more you trade, the greater the bonus you 1receive.

Client support

Access your trading platform any day any time to trade forex. Exness makes it even more interesting for you by coming up with live chat support service which improves communication between clients. You can easily get feedback and interact with experts in forex trading. Contact Exness through + 78124548812.



  • They offer high quality services such as tight spreads starting from 1.0 pip
  • Trade with high leverage of up to 1: 20000
  • Good customer service with more than 15 languages


  • It does not allow social networking trading

Final thoughts

Exness is the solution you need to implement high risk strategies while trading forex. With low deposit requirements, you can easily start trading forex with this forex broker and enjoy all the benefits. Looking at most rewards that these forex brokers have been able to accumulate with just ten years of service, it is clear that these forex brokers deliver.

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