Forex Trading Money Management System Book Review

Don Guy uses this book to help the traders crush the forex market with a money management system that is simple and will allow you to reduce the risks and maximize the profits at the same time.

He uses the live trade top equity where he applies the same trade signals at the bottom equity curve. Even though they are the same trades, they can’t have the same results. In fact, the same trades can turn most losing scenarios into the profitable ones.


Don developed the system over 12 years ago after a trip to Las Vegas which he describes as horrible because he lost $2000 playing Roulette using the Martingale system which he initially thought was unbeatable.

He spent the years after trying to understand what went wrong that night. He then developed a powerful yet simple money management system that currently makes it easy for people to beat the financial markets like a pro gambler.

The system is different from the Martingale system as well as other types of negative progression systems that tend to risk so much more to make so little. His system simultaneously magnifies profits by reducing draw-downs.

He actually went back to Las Vegas to test the system he had developed and he made profits. He didn’t make this system just to beat the Roulette game but he tested it on the game and it worked. This system also works well in the financial markets since the statistics are much better that any game at the casino.

In 2015, he automated the system by programming a MT4 trading robot. And the system sprung into the system when the forex market also came alive.

He starts the story with the Ls Vegas story and focuses on the illustrations that inspired the system. The book is only 72 pages which means you can easily finish reading it in a day or just a few days if you are a slow reader.

Final Verdict

Money management is crucial if you want to be a forex trader and Don offers a simple yet powerful solution to do so in this book. The fact that he borrows from a horrible failure in his life shows he kind of determination he put into developing the system. Most people are highly motivated when they hit rock bottom and that makes them achieve something great and that what Don Guy did.

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