Forex Trading: The Basics Explained in Simple Terms! Book Review

Jim Brown is one of the most open forex trading, in fact, he tends to trade live for everyone to see. He is from Queensland Australia but currently lives in Vietnam. With 16 years of experience in currency trading you will learn more especially if you are a beginner looking to advance. He started in 2002 and which has allowed him to perfect the art of old fashioned manual charting.


He has extended to the level of trading on multiple screens by finally entering the automated trading, all thanks to his resilience and experience. Seeing that he is one of the most accomplished traders, he has managed to develop and share as many trading systems as possible. This also allows him to assist beginner traders through forum participation and various blogs.

If you are just joining the world of trading or maybe considering it, his book is for you. This will give you a place to start even especially since even with all the information scattered in the internet nothing gives you a clear perceptive than a book that’s well outlined. Jim Brown also goes a step further and offers one of the trading system and indicators he uses as a bonus.

Jim Brown is also easy to reach. You can contact him on Facebook or check out his helpful YouTube videos. What makes his books best sellers is because he is passionate about trading and is very approachable.

Forex Trading: The Basics Explained in Simple Terms, covers Forex trading in depth. He sheds a light on what forex is and all its all about. He also covers the advantages of trading forex for those who feel that I may not be the best gig for them. He also lets you know when the forex market opens.

You will also learn more about the forex pairs and where you can trade forex. You will also know how to best choose a broker and learn more about the US based traders. Jim also dishes about the lot size as well as the equivalent pip value. You will learn more about information on risk, technical analysis, type of orders, and the risk-reward ratio.

With this book you will also learn the new and important analysis of the trades you make. With the topic on trading psychology you will know how to involve your instincts while trading. You will also learn more about day trading as well as longer term trading. He will also teach you how to keep a trading journal or diary.


Jim Brown has managed to keep you in the Forex trading market with just 72 pages. The book won’t take a lot of your time. If you are looking to be as good a trader as he is, then you might want to see how its done by reading this book. If you have your doubts, then you will be pleased to know that it is a best seller on amazon. Check it out and give it a shot.



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