Forex Trading: The Bible – Book Review

Sam Rees was born in Queens, New York 1972. After struggling financially, he got involved in finance. He quit his job back in 1996 and joined a big stocks trading firm. He invested in Bitcoin in 2014 after he followed the online cryptocurrency for some time.


Now, he is a cryptocurrency expert and his portfolio is quite impressive. He has invested in several Ethereum and Bitcoin startups. He made himself a success in the cryptocurrency world and now willingly shares his knowledge about the stock with the public. His books addresses Forex trading, stock options, Blockchain, and cryptocurrencies.

What am i getting?

This book has 5 books that are packed in a single bundle which makes it thrilling. This makes it very convenient and accentuates your money value because you literary get 5 manuscripts in one powerful bundle. Beginners will particularly get useful tip and information about the world of Forex trading.

This manuscript is particularly helpful for those who want to make money fast and those who feel that they have what it takes to trade Forex quickly in an environment that is fast-paced and has limited resources.

I will also be a good book for those who are excited by the idea of trading but assume they don’t have enough o trade or those who prefer to spend their time waiting for their shares to grow no matter how long period the wait is.

Readers will find that this book gives them insight on how they can make a little money and also turn it into a lot of money in the same day. This allows you to trust that you can make money even though you don’t have a 40 hour per week kind of job. You might even want to do it full-time.

The first book is a beginner’s guide. It focuses more on giving beginners the tool they need to start making cash immediately on Forex Trading. The second part of the book is more a crash course that is meant to help traders get started on Forex trading and make cash with the trading.

The third manuscript gives general the best techniques that will help you to multiply the cash flow in the forex trading market. The fourth manuscript will give traders the tricks and tips that will allow traders to start trading right, avoid general mistakes and also win while trading on forex.

The fifth manuscript is an advanced guide that will make you king in the forex trading world. All five books are meant to help you become a successful and profitable trader.

Final Verdict

The author makes sure that you get all the information you need to know in a step by step process. If you want to make money with forex trading this book might help you get there. This book gives you the key you need even if you are not covered with a retirement plan. All you need to do is buy the book and get started on profitable forex trading.

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