FX Player

Fx player is a broker that allows its customers access to the no deposits bonuses for you to open an account on registration. You are able to trade for free. You also receive profits from your trades respectively. Let’s take a closer look at this broker.


Who is behind FX player?

Fx player was introduced in 2014 as an ECN/STP platform from a group of traders. FX player limited is the company behind this brand. It uses the tier 1 bank pricing and execution to ensure that you have low spreads and commissions constantly. Its headquarters are at the Marshall Islands.

Marshall Island registration services do not require much regulation as compared to other brokerage companies available in Europe. Their registration procedure is simple. This broker does not provide its traders with maximum protection. Traders using this platform are therefore at a higher risk.

Tradable tools

This trading tool has three primary tradable instruments. The Forex tool allows you to take advantage of most markets from, around the world. Commodities that are traded include Gold spot, silver spot, copper futures, crude oil features from the US and Brent crude oil features which is from the United Kingdom.

The Indices tool allows you to trade with the most significant indices globally. These include some great economies such as USA, Germany, Japan, Australia, Spanish, French, Italian, UK and Swiss.

What Trading Platforms are available?

FX player offers its traders a variety of trading platforms. The MetaTrader 4 platform provides expert advisor that allows the traders to develop their own trading strategies. The comprehensive charting service provides the traders with a wide range of analytic instruments using the charts. The platform also supports a webpage that enables the integration of web services for its customer and flexibility of the system with a wide range of customizable functions.

The Unitrader platform is a next-generation platform that keeps the traders engaged. It allows display of live streaming rates, easy order management, trading history, live trading, and detailed account information. News stream, real-time tradable charts, open position information and instrument subscriptions are also part of the platform

The currenex trading platform is suitable for professionals because it is an all-inclusive platform with advanced technology increasing on speed, diverse liquidity, sophisticated order management, completely adaptable trading charts and integrated management

The Act Trader platform is a reliable and robust platform with two –way prices and fast trade execution. It gives the trader the opportunity to lock all accounts, organise management accounts and access new options when creating conditional orders.

The FX player platform (BETA) is a friendly social media platform that consists of advance charts from top industry p[packages, news and calendars that allows for faster trading without much clutter, social and chart that enables the trader to follow top traders hence learning from them. It also allows you to listen to live TV and radio thus allowing to keep updated on the market trends.

What Trading accounts are available?

This broker also has 5 different accounts that offer different commissions fees and deposit amounts. These accounts include Micro, Mini, Normal, Pro, Institutional and flex accounts with various features and unique characteristics for new members as well as the existing members.

There is also a Demo account that is suitable for the beginner to learn more about the trading procedures before deciding to invest real money.

Deposits and withdrawal options

FX player accepts payments methods including American Express, Master card, pay safe card, pay pal, e-wallet, wire transfer, bitcoin and visa. Deposits for the preferred account are made using either of these methods, and a trader gets a 100% bonus on their deposits. Withdrawals procedures are as comfortable as logging in to your account and requesting for the withdrawal of funds to a preferred channel. All the facilitation fees are bored by the trader.

Spread, commissions, leverage and bonuses

There are offers and numerous bonuses of up to 100%. These bonuses are available on Open live account, a Deposit bonus account, free bonus account, leap year bonus, and holiday bonus.You can, therefore, enjoy free trading using these bonuses. The accounts offer leverage of 1:100 minimum and 1: 200 maximum. The average spreads usually inform of US Dollars, Euro and GBP ranges from 0.3 to 0.4 and 0.5 variables. There is also a provision of free trading signals.

Customer support

It has a 24 hours customer support system that allows Traders to table their grievances and get answers. You can also call them to talk to an agent one on one or use the traditional emailing process and wait for a reply


Bonuses offers

Traders can get bonuses of up to 100% upon joining an account

Multiple trading platforms

There are various trading platforms hence keeping their traders engaged

Low Initial deposit

The deposit fee goes for as much as 50 dollars which are quite affordable.



FX player is not regulated hence providing a high risk for its members


FX player is useful if you are looking for a broker that will offer you good deals with bonuses and higher spreads. It is also favourable for a beginner since it is easy to use. However, it’s risky since it is not regulated.


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