George van der Riet

A reformed jail bird, changing the world in his own unique way, is what defines George Van der Riet. He is one of the most recognized entrepreneurs in South Africa falling into the list of the famous millionaires thanks to Forex trading. Born and raised in Cape Town, he is now 39 years old. He spent most of his young days in the country then later relocated to London to further his studies.


Education and work experience

Manchester business school is one of the educational centers that instilled him with a lot of knowledge in business. After school, he worked with a few banks as a forex trader and also got the chance to work in international financial institutions. From this, he gained more entrepreneurial skills that came in handy at later years. What differentiates people is how some use what they have to increase productivity.

Returning back home

In 2010, George van der Riet came back to South Africa to continue with forex trading and met a young enthusiast, Sandile Shenzi who was dedicated to become a millionaire. Together, they came up with a company known as Global Forex institute that deals with currency trading. This is aimed at helping people get effective and affordable forex training to help them succeed in this business.

Sandile Shenzi, his partner, was able to achieve his dream with the help of George Van de Riet and is now recognized as one of the youngest millionaires in South Africa. He is now able to lift his community since he hails from a poor background. George Van der Riet on the other hand, became the director and head trader at Forex trading and training company global forex institution. In the last three years, George has maintained the African Forex cup in Africa. Currently George deals with interbank brokerage solutions.

The journey

Nothing comes easy in life. Just like everybody else, George started from the basics. With time, he rose to be the head of financial trading department but later became head of digital marketing and campaign strategies.

Struggling to get to the top, he is known to live a luxurious life enjoying all the pleasures that life offers him. He is not only a world class millionaire but also drives all kinds of exotic cars such as R-3 million car. Being in the limelight has made his life dramatic with the world waiting for him to make a mistake.

His fame made him an easy target for robbers who don’t want to work hard to be like him. A thief who tried to rob him on the streets of London ended up dead as George fought for his own life. The man succumbed to injuries and passed away after three days. George was accused of murder and pleaded guilty to the charge of killing the Filipino in west London in August 2010. He also admitted to the charge of trafficking illegal drugs which made him spend more time in prison. This led to all his accounts being frozen and he had to start the journey all over again.


His Come back

After all these drama, he decided to start a forex trading account with with a deposit of $ 200. It did not take long for him to get back on his feet because after only 6 months, he was a millionaire once more. Since some people spend all their lives critiquing others, people still continued to call him a murderer judging him for serving time. This did not deter George van de Riet for he maintains that human is to error. He says that he has paid his dues and is now ready to give back to his community.

What has he ventured in?

George has been able to rise above all odds and shine as a media figure. In 2014, he appeared in the list of Africa’s top traders and won African forex cap a year later. This is a competition that involves the biggest forex traders in Africa. It is dominated by GFI which is a forex training institution that George leads in every year.

His projects

From as early as 1980’s he became popular for his blog which he called South African comic books. This covers the history of comic books in South Africa. Through his blog, he was able to meet Edmund Harmse, a famous comic collector. The collector gave him connections with some of South Africa’s reprints such as Mimosa and Atlas.

The positive feedback that he received from people encouraged him to add more sections in his comic books such as photo story magazines. With the support of collectors in finding unique materials, he hopes to publish a book from his blog one day and share some of the rare pieces with the world.

Giving back to his community

GFI is an institution that George has formed to give free forex mentorship to students interested in becoming successful traders. Lots of entrepreneurs have passed through his hands such as Shenzi, gaining business ideas and made it in forex trading. He is also involved in charity deeds to help the poor and works towards eradicating unemployment in South Africa. If you are interested in gaining from him, link your account to Global forex fund and learn more on how to accumulate more wealth trading forex.




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