How To Day Trade For A Living Book Review

Andrew Aziz has a special kind drive and determination when it comes forex trading. This is fueled by the fact that he studied the stock market with devotion and managed to beat Wall Street at their game. Impressive right?


Day trading offers the kind of income and flexibility office jobs don’t normally offer you. This is because you can trade from just about anywhere in the world. And it offers you the option of working or not working. It is a lucrative anomaly that offers you a choice and a future of money. Which by the way, is the life of an established trader.

Andrew describes basic fundaments of day trading and further explains how this type of trading is different from other types of investments and trading. He also elaborates the need to use trading strategies on a daily basis.

What can I expect from the book?

He has managed to keep the book short and precise which allows you to finish as fast as you can without getting bored. Beginner trading will benefit from this book because he gives the new traders an understanding of where they are most likely and safely to start.

Beginners will also understand where to what they should expect the minute they start to trade and how they should best develop their strategy. However, he makes it clear that you won’t become a successful trader just by reading this book.

This is important because reading a book will not make you a successful trader you have to put in practice. You need to know how to use the right software and tools and be able to appreciate the knowledge you will be attaining on a regular trading basis.

Those who are intermediate traders will also benefit from this book because he offers an extensive overview of the basic and classic strategies that most retail traders use and that have also been proven to be successful.

He offers day trading strategies such as Bull Flag Momentum Trading, ABCD Pattern Trading, Moving Average Trend Trading, Bottom Reversal Trading, Support and Resistance Trading, and VWAP Trading.

Andrew explains how you can find the stock in play for a trade you are interested in, the indicators he uses on his charts, when he enters his trade, where he exits a trade, and what his stop loss is for each strategy.

We like how Andrew outlines day trading process with real trade examples. It is particularly helpful for beginners. He also insists that you also need to be motivates, put in hard work, and to persevere.

Final Verdict

Andrew has managed to beat Wall Street before, all the more reason why you should consider buying this book and applying all the tricks and strategies he offers if you want to be a successful day trader.

You need to hen approach trading very seriously and not just expect that reading book will reboot you automatically as a trader. Day trading may be what changes your life and money status.





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