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M PLUS is a brokerage firm that provides online trading solutions for their clients in both forex and CFD trading. The package that M PLUS offers is Standard where one makes a minimum deposit of $10 and can make a minimum order size of 0:10 lots. The stop-out level falls at 50% with 30 currency pairs, gold, and silver available for trading.

Mplus Global Limited 40375 (VFSC) and Mplus Global Ltd HE 352462 (CY), based in Bangkok, Thailand, was established to focus on trading solely. The platform appeals to beginners and those experienced alike with a price that attracts most traders. The pricing mark gets achieved from the unique pool of aggregated liquidity providing, fast execution, tight spreads and access to highly liquid markets with providers competing to give the best prices.


The company states one of the core values as honesty that allows for the establishment of a long-term relationship in a market that can be volatile especially with regards to emerging market. Innovation is another attribute mentioned, given they develop their products. They also conduct themselves as an international company that, via the internet, can provide their services worldwide. Employers are based in Europe and Asia to understand the culture and operational standards and principles better.


Opening an account requires one to deposit a minimum of $10. The company has ten funding currencies with a leverage of up to 1:100 and provides more than 30 currencies, metals, and CDFs for traders to access. We’ll look at the breakdown of the precious metals, forex, and CDFs.

Precious metals: most traders find appeal in trading in precious metals because they are not readily influenced by economic and political changes like other currencies. It is within this context that their prices tend to remain stable while others fluctuate. Gold and silver tend to be safe from inflation and provide a significant number of trading opportunities despite the state of the market.


The forex market is open to trade globally and is the reason that it produces the highest trading volume daily, with a turnover of $ 5.1 trillion daily. With this presents a vast opportunity for platform users to trade on a global level.


With this type of trading, a CFD provider and a trader exchange the cash difference of the opening and closing price of a given transaction. It provides retail clients with the opportunity to trade equity indices, shares, and future, an opportunity that isn’t often made available for this caliber of people. What makes it preferential is the lack of fees incurred on the trader’s part, such as clearing fees, stamp duty, trading fees or commissions.


When it comes to making withdrawals, the company does not charge a commission on any amount that one wishes to transact. That, however, applies to withdrawals between $10 and $10, 000 with time taking between one and five days for an internal transfer and a wire transfer.

The platform

M PLUS runs on MetaTrader 4, software that provides users with more freedom when it comes to implementing their trading strategies. As a result, there are many expert advisors (EA) globally, but those who prefer algorithmic forex trading adapt their advisors to the M PLUS FX servers. Overall, the site offers a user-friendly experience with ample information about what one ought to expect. However, they don’t provide Terms and Conditions or other trading policies.

The company also provides an Apple and Android app that one can access using the same logins as the website version. The interface is tailored to fit most phones and tablets, allowing users to keep track of their trading activities conveniently no matter where they are.


  • M PLUS is user-friendly and informative
  • Provides a mobile app for their users
  • The minimum deposit is $10
  • There is no commission for withdrawals up to $10, 000
  • It takes few business days to wire the funds to their user’s account


  • The site does not mention if they are registered brokers, and it’s therefore likely that they are not
  • The site does not provide Terms and Conditions and other legal documents


There are a lot of likable aspects about the M PLUS, the main ones being the withdrawal policy of 0% commission and the ability to trade in precious metals. There aren’t available reviews on the company with those available not in English. One can also only access the trading platform once they have registered and therefore one would have first to pay. They do however offer basic training. Terms and conditions are perhaps only accessible once a person registers to trade with the platform.

With this site, one has to apply a wait-and-see approach given that the platform is not registered under any reputable organization that regulates brokers.

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