MT4 High Probability Forex Trading Method

Jim Brown is a full-time forex trader from Queensland Australia. He currently lives in Vietnam. He has been ranked as one of the best sellers in the Forex trading market for a reason because he devotes himself to sharing all the secrets of successful trading without reservations and sometimes at no cost.


In this book, he gives the readers a reliable and strong trading method that he has refined through manual testing, live trading, and demo testing. In his book he proves that you an easily trade on high profitability trading method on any time you choose.

He has proven to be more resilient with the daily charts or the 4hr charts because he is comfortable with the time frames they offer. We like him because he acknowledges that the strokes are not the same for everyone when it comes to the time available, lifestyle choices, time-frames, and anything else.

Most people are not comfortable with the idea of actually trading on the MT4 platform. However, Jim indicates how he uses the platform in this book, which means that if you are convinced you will have to download a free MT4 demo version.

The demo version will allow you to analyze your trades before you can place the trade. This will allow you to place the actual trades on the Broker’s platform you prefer. He has focused more on Forex trading often times, but this book proves that this method can be used on other financial methods that are offered by MT4 brokers like Oil, Bitcoin, Commodities, Precious metals, Individual stocks, and Stock indices.

The MT4 broker will rely on the indicators that Jim has outlined in this book. The indicators are particularly built for this platform. At the end of the book, he leaves customized indicators of the MT4 platform. If you receive the indicators, you will also be able to receive his files in the MT5 version once it has been programmed.

Jim also shares an invitation that will allow you to easily join his Facebook Group. The Facebook group has experienced and new Forex traders who contribute as much as they can. He also shows you how to interact with him daily on the Facebook group.

Jim Brown always calls his trades live and openly shares the results and the records of the trade weekly in an analysis video. If you feel that you need further details, he also leaves his contact details.

Final Verdict

You will find that this book is easy to read and will turn out to be enjoyable if you are interested in acing the world of trading. He has set up the system in such a way that it is easy to use. You can use the demo version firs if you are not convinced that this may be a good idea. Use the links he provides if you have a problem understanding the indicators.

This book is particularly useful to beginners and professional traders as well. Jim Brown has devoted his time to make the complex trading world easier. You can check out his book here.




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