Naked Forex: High-Probability Tricks for Trading Without Any Indicators Book Review

Walter Peters and Alex Nekritin are the authors of this book. They have mastered the art of using highly effective and streamlined approaches to trade without indicators. In this day and age, most traders have solely relied on the technical analysis books that have been written for futures, stocks, and option traders.


However, way before calculators and computers, traders were accustomed to trading naked. Well, trading naked is the oldest and simples trading method because it involved trading without using technical indicators.

According to these others, being able to use technical indicators will allow the trader to focus on the indicators. This is because this technique focuses on the price chart and its also a superior and simple way to trade. This type of trading is best suited for traders who are looking to achieve expertise quickly and with a trading method.

This book offers traders a simpler way that traders can make effective decisions with the help of a price chart. They focus primarily on how traders can profit from trading with the simple naked way.

They are general myths traders tend to hold on to that do not always work in their favor. They believe that trading needs to be indicator-based, that it has to be complex, and that it is entirely dependent on the trading system.

This book proves that even though this might true they might also be misconceptions. Naked forex will also open doors to winning even though its not as complex as expected. Nekritin and Peters show you how you can successfully trade naked.

The first part of the book is all about the fundamentals of forex trading and they establish what the ruling tenet of naked forex is all about because they believe that price is key. They also share some of the methods that will help you get profits in the second part. Some of the methods include price patterns, resistance zone, and transitions.

By the time you get to the last part, you will understand the naked trading vicinity and you will have the attitude to measure your risks and become a professional trader after reading it.

Final Verdict

This book is informative and engaging. You will find out the possibility of being able to outwit some of the most intelligent, determined, and well-resourced traders in the training world. You will also know more about a concept of the zones and seven things you need to know about them.

They show you six key stages you need to address for every trade you make (be it with IG Markets or any other broker). You will also understand whether as a trader, you are a gunner or a runner. You will also learn how to be an expert. You will find this book exhilarating, liberating, and will make you focus on the trading markets rather than the indicators.




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