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Seize opportunities in the market by achieving simplicity trading forex with opteck. These forex brokers have been in operation since 2011 under regulation by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. Owned by Centralspot Trading Ltd in Cyprus, opteck is determined to educate traders about binary options. These forex brokers put their focus on training forex traders for them to gain from this trading.


The forex brokers however found themselves in a bad spot in 2016 with some people claiming that trading forex with them is more of a gamble due to increased financial losses. Despite the fact that these brokers are regulated by Cysec, it is upon you to gauge their credibility with this background information in mind. Their website is automatically encrypted with 128- bit SSL technology to improve safety of your personal data.

Features of Opteck

Trading services

One click trading is possible with opteck on more than 50 highly liquid assets to carry out forex trading. You can also trade range high or low using a trading platform. Trade more than 94 stocks, 7 commodities, currency pairs and 12 indices with opteck bearing in mind that this cannot be done simultaneously with opteck. It is aimed at offering a wide range of assets on different trading platforms

These forex brokers strive to gain back credibility through giving you educational materials on what you can do to improve trade. They use a distinctive approach to education where you are guided by the account manager to take you through webinars for you to understand forex trading basics. It also offers you call and put digital options ranging from 60 seconds to 24 hours, 85% payoffs and 15% rebates on the chosen assets.

Trading platform

A user friendly platform known as Tradersoft welcomes you to trade forex with these brokers. Place direct trades through charts by clicking on the arrows provided in the platform. During call or put trades, it gives you a chance to sell an option in case the price is not going in your favor so as to avoid financial loss while using the platform. You get to acquire control with a minimum keystrokes. Economic calendars and real time alerts from Tradersoft lets you know a convenient time to place trades in forex trading.

Trading accounts

Deposit different amount by opening each of these accounts and enjoy the following bonuses:

  • Basic account

Deposit a minimum deposit of $250 to start forex trading with opteck. This account makes you liable to receive 20% bonus.

  • Bronze account.

This requires a minimum of $ 1000 to start trading on. From Bronze account, you get a 30% bonus.

  • Silver account

Opening this account gives you an option of depositing any amount between $ 250 and $ 4,999. You are able to earn yourself a 30% extra bonus to welcome you to the account.

  • Gold account

For VIP trading professionals, open a gold account at $ 5,000 to $ 9, 9999 and take forex trading to the next level.

  • Platinum account

Opening this account requires a minimum deposit of $ 25000 earning you an 80% bonus.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposit a minimum of $ 250 through web money, western union, JBC and credit cards to fund your business. This gives you an extra bonus of 20% during normal days and a higher bonus when there is a special promotion.

Withdrawals take 3-4 days since they have to be approved by the account manager. The minimum amount that you can withdraw from your account is $ 50. You can also get you bank statement within 7 days reflecting all the trading transactions that you make. You will be charged a 3.5% withdrawal fee.

Additional fees

With opteck, you are required to pay a maintenance ace fee of 7.50%` at the end of every month. Binary traders pay an extra profit clearance fee which is determined by how successful binary trading is. For instance, for $ 250, you pay a $ 1.50 profit clearance fee.


Get a 20% bonus by opening a trading account with opteck. These forex brokers also lets you enjoy lots of promotions as well as participate in helpful competitions to improve growth and development in forex trading

Customer support

Even if some people doubt the credibility of these forex brokers, it is good to give credit where it is due. Opteck customer service is fast to respond to you and gives straight to the point information through their representatives. An account manager is trained to tackle all your questions regarding forex trading.


  • Being regulated by Cysec, these forex traders ensure safety of your funds
  • You enjoy competitive payout percentages


  • They lack advanced trading options and features.
  • Additional fees puts off traders.


Operating for more than five years now, the team is able to give you a focused and friendly approach in the world of binary option trading. By combining selected assets, use of technology and educational support, opteck gives you a simple and fun way to trade forex.


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