Should I trust Bitcoin Loophoole ?

If you are looking for a trading system to trade crypto currencies, stay away from bitcoin loophole before you end up losing all your investment. Upcoming trading software may give you hope of transforming your life but not all of them can be trusted.


Why is this a scam?


Steve McKay who claims to be the CEO of Bitcoin loophole is actually an impostor. This person is just an actor put in place to make you fall a victim of the scam. He claims to appear both in Forbes and business insider as a prominent millionaire but research shows the name does even exist.


Right from the top level management of their software system, hackers get your full details and rob you off everything you have invested in. With a wanting security of their website, no information that you give is protected from falling into the wrong hands. It is believed that the administrators themselves are actually what make up the entire team. They have come together to create bitcoin loophole to steal from innocent citizens.

No gain

If you go through all the reviews of bitcoin loophole, you will find more negatives than positives of this site. They promise that you will make $ 13000 within one day but this is a lie. If you thought that gambling is the worst kind of fraudulence, you have not experienced bitcoin loophole yet. With this, you end up losing all your profit without making even a single cent from it.

No licensing

For a software to be considered legit, it must go through legal licensing that checks its credibility to ensure that users are safe using it. Trading illegally, bitcoin loophole is not in the list of crypto currency traders that have been permitted to carry out operations. This should let listen to your conscience.

Fake beta testers

What is more embarrassing about this system is that they hire fake people to give false testimonies about how they have earned good money from Bitcoin Loophole. Since they cannot afford paying them, these beta testers go back to the media to expose their scam. Quite unfortunate!

What methods do they use to trick you?

These con artists let you fund them using hard earned money of $ 250 and end up losing it all in the market. They use programmed robots on their software platform to make you lose your capital. Phishing and click baiting are common inaccurate advertising techniques that they use on you. If you trade with them, you will often find them giving you alerts in form of links through your mobile device that they expect you to click on them and download. In reality these clicks are malware and viruses that they use to hack your personal information in form of software manipulation.

Experiences of tricked a tricked user

One user testifies that he was receiving so many phone calls urging him to put money after the registration with false hopes of gaining profit form Bitcoin loophole. Very persistent salesmen he says kept on calling him and sending emails which convinces him to pay $ 250. He did not gain anything after month of trading.

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