Should I Trust Cryptorobot365? Read this Review!

This company does not reveal who they work under making us doubt its credibility. No legit company works without mentioning their founder. If you compare their website with that of Binary Robot 365, you will not see any differences. It is like one trader operating under two different names. They claim to have the secret to trade Bitcoin and are ready to give everyone the secret for free.


How do you work?

They tell you to open an account with a broker just like all other traders. Legit traders give you an option to open a demo account to test how you are going to trade with virtual money. With Cryptorobot365, no demo account is offered. You are told to open a live account straight and start trading. This should make you think twice about them.

Here, you work with robots that auto trade crypto currencies that connect you to your account. Unlike other legit traders, you are not given an option to trade forex, contract for differences or futures. Legit traders give you different options to trade.

Why is this a scam?

What makes them suspicious is that the numbers that the amount they claim to make for their traders remains constant for a long time even after you have traded. If indeed they were legit, these numbers would keep on changing. They also have a problem updating their website. Even when the Bitcoin price keeps on varying, their site still remains out of date using old prices without showing the urgency in time.

According to them, their robots are made to volatility in crypto market and buy and sell on your behalf. This is not what you will notice with the value of a crypto going up. There are no signs that the robot actually detects the volatility since their site always lags behind unlike other legit traders who believe that time is a very crucial aspect for the market.


One trader testifies to have registered having looked at the misleading information they have displayed on their website. He gave all his full details, opened an account and chose 6 brokers. He experienced challenges while trying to set the minimum investment which helps a trader not suffer financial losses. However, he realized that the robot automatically sets higher amounts. There was no filter option for him to work at his convenience and there was no option to trade crypto currencies as advertised.

Final thoughts

Trading with crypto robot 365 has left so many people with huge financial losses as some end up losing their investment. Their aim seems to get people’s full details and steal from them. Using brokers that you have never had of before and constantly calling you persuading you to make a deposit sounds like a big scam. If they really had your interest at heart, this persuasions would not be there.

Another thing to watch out for is customer support. No legit trading company lacks customer support. Even if it may not be the best, customer agents have to be there to answer to give feedback to its clients. This is a deficit with crypto robots 365 making it look unreal.




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