Should I Trust Cryptosoft ?

When the deal is too good, think twice. With crypto currencies trending, more people are falling into crypto soft system scam. This promises to make you 5000 dollars richer in one day. In as much as we all want to get rich within the shortest time possible, such promises are empty hopes made to lure you into their trading app and steal from you. Here is why!


Why is it a scam?

Inaccurate rates

This trading app guarantees you an accuracy rate of 83 % while making a profit of more than $ 4000 within one day. Their software can only go up to 50% accuracy rates which discourages traders. Such false hopes make it a scam based on nothing but lies.

Fake identity

Just like other scammers, crypto soft uses fake identities to represent themselves so that when things get ugly, you cannot point a true name to a face. For instance, the CEO who claims to be Thomas Green does not actually exist in real life so that things don’t trace back to him in case the system collapses.

No existing company behind the software

Thomas claims to be the founder of Crypto soft Inc company. However, it has been proven that such a company actually exists but the CEO is not Thomas green. What is even worse is that this company does not even deal with crypto currency trading. What a scam!

No money back guarantee

Don’t think that the safety of your money is guaranteed with crypto soft. In fact, they claim that you can get a refund any time you want but this is false. Your money is at risk in the hands of crypto soft. The software trades for you and cannot predict the outcome of things. They do not care what happens to your funds. This way, you not only lose your money buy cannot ask for a refund.

Lack of regulations

Sterns option has been found to be the unregulated broker behind this software. This is where you $ 250 deposit goes without you knowing it.

What method do they use to trick you?

As a way of attracting more traders, crypto soft goes ahead to offer less than 100 people to trade freely on the software by first depositing $ 250. They encourage you to rush to be among this list with the promise of making double profits but in the end you end up losing your capital since it was not free. Through depositing this amount, the salesmen get commission due to connecting you with a broker. They further pressure you to keep on depositing more with the bad news that something went wrong with your initial deposit and you can try your luck one more time. This is in a bid of draining you more financially.

Experiences and conclusion

Lots of investors have been found to lose everything from Crypto soft. This is because they ended up giving access to their deposits without putting any limitations. Earning that much money within one day is basically impossible. With each trading hour, a reliable trading system should give you around $ 50 and $100. Crypto soft should not be an option for you nor should it discourage you to trade using reliable software. There are so many legit software out there that will not expose you to con artists. Get the right one today and feel safe investing your money without the risk of losing it all.

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