Should I Trust Quantum Code ?

Michael Crawford, owner of Quantum code clams to gain millions from his binary options company. If you do some research on the guy, you will realize that he is not a millionaire but an editor of the New York Times. Using a fake identity makes you doubt the credibility of quantum code. His company is not even registered anywhere.


Though being in the limelight featured by Forbes magazine, he presented videos about his company with unrealistic figures coming up with weekly reports that do not add up. He says that you can earn up to two million dollars a month. Really?

Why is this a scam?

His technology

Looking at his illustrations from the video that he presents, he talks of a Near Quantum Speed technology that seems to be nonexistent. He tries to lure people into his business with big terms that a layman may not understand.

Fake testimonials

As if his fake nonexistent technology is not enough, Michael pays two famous guys who have been seen in other scam trading systems to give fake testimonials. They claim to have gained millions within a short period of time from Quantum Code. If you dig deep into other cons in the trading system, these fake beta testers will look familiar to you.

Fake promises of 100% profit and 0% loss

Even with the most recognized trading systems, you may not always make profit. One is bound to suffer some losses while trading. With heavenly promises of earning $1.8 million on a monthly basis without risks of financial losses, you should think twice about this deal.

Period of operation

From Michael’s declarations, he states that he has gained one billion from his software in ten years. According to the website, the registration details clearly tell you that the domain was purchased in June 2016. This leaves you wondering where the billion came from since in the last ten years, Michael had not even thought of starting quantum code.

What methods do the use to trick you?

If you are new to binary options, they take advantage of the situation by asking you for your full details including your bank details. They tell you that there are VIP spots available that lets you think that you have a big chance of succeeding and need to act as fast of possible to become a VIP. You end up spending $ 250 to use their Quantum code software as they gamble with your funds.

A user’s experience

A newbie lost $ 58 from the scam and was advised to deposit $ 5,000 more since there was suddenly a new opportunity for him to earn more. This was his wake up call that made him realize it was a scam. He asked for the refund of his money and was told to give his full details to verify that they account was actually his. Luckily, he was able to block his bank account from any malicious transactions

Final thoughts

Being ran by an impostor claiming to be a millionaire while google does not recognize him as such, is proof that this trading system is a scam. You can watch Michael’s video and see how unrealistic it is claiming to give you financial freedom. Do not become a victim of such a scam.


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