Simz D’ Mandla

Who would have thought that a millionaire could hail from a small town like Tembisa in South Africa? Simz D’ Mandla is living proof that poverty does not define your future. This young entrepreneur from a very humble beginning is now the founder of and The African Millionaires Den. Wearing a lot of hats, he not only a multi-millionaire but also a forex analyst, a wealth coach and a business strategist.


Where it all began

Independence kicked off at an early age for Simz D’Mandla selling almost any kind of item he could lay his hands on. He started doing business when he was only 7 years. As if pictures, jeans and shoes were never enough trading items for him, he ventured into shaving hair at a local barber shop in order to fend for his family. With only 300 per month, it was never enough to sustain him. His big dreams and faith made him work harder in his education. JSE trading became his hobby when he joined high school.

Meeting Mr Willem when he was in campus drove him to have more interest in trading. Fate led him to someone who had over twenty years of experience in trading which gave him direction and hope. He started saving the little he gained from all kinds of jobs and decided to become serious in Trading. Under the guidance of Mr Willem, he engaged in stock trading. Simz D’ Mandla worked smart and implemented the strategies that he had learnt in forex market. His efforts did not go in vain because at the age of twenty he became a millionaire.

His companies

Motivated to help young entrepreneurs to reach to the top, Simz D’Mandla founded Tade4Africa. Using some of his wealth that he had gained trading forex, he also created The African Millionaires Den. In a society where the rich become wealthier and the poor continue languishing in their poverty, Simz D’ Mandla found it wise to try and reduce this gap through his companies. Social classes in the society is accompanied by high rates of unemployment and a stagnant economy that does not show any signs of improving. As the population increases, more people even the most educated do not find enough opportunities to grow financially. Through his companies, he instills lots of knowledge and skill to help them trade forex.

He says that what makes the rich gain more at the expense of the poor is due to the fact that they have positioned themselves to earn more even when the economy is going against others. If people trade forex, this gap would be bridged since they would be earning in form of dollars and pounds thus they would not be affected in situations when the rand is weak. This is because foreign currencies are more profitable than local currencies.

Believing that Rome was not built in a day, he strives to help people save even a small amount from their financial markets. By saving as little as $ 100 each month, people would see the big difference. With the accumulation of savings, and investing it in forex trade, one would achieve more and stay out of debt. Simz D’ Mandla longs for a time when each household will have at least one forex trader.

He helps people understand the importance of utilizing earning in avenues that generate more income for them. By doing this, one would be assured of surplus with a cycle that never runs dry. As the economy gets worse by the day, this business strategists encourages people to make money now rather than later. He predicts that in the future, the chances of earning more from a falling economy would be next to impossible.

Achievements and other projects

You can tell from his lavish lifestyle that this millionaire is living his dream. He not only ventures into forex trading but also works as a motivational speaker organizing classes to help young entrepreneurs gain trading forex. He also provides education regarding how to invest in different kinds of businesses.

The journey has not been a piece of cake for Simz D’ Mandla. Though he can now sit back and enjoy his wealth, he has faced opposition even from some friends. As he tries his best to give back to his community, not everybody is on his side. Some people have raised a lot criticism towards how he conducts his business calling his companies a scam.

Facing public ridicule through the media challenging his business ideas, he addresses his critics with confidence knowing that he has nothing to hide. This does not make him lose sleep at night. He continues working smart as he trades forex and does not let his believers down. He is definitely a force to be reckoned with. You can learn more about how to trade forex from Simz D’ Mandla through Instagram at Trade4Africa Instagram;@simz_Ceo_Dmandla or



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