Smartfx Pro is now Cashflow Pro!

SmartFX Pro appears to be rebranded. A web search and their Facebook page redirect people to Cashflow Pro. It is therefore now designed to provide traders with information on how to be a better trader that one can apply to a trading platform of their choice to be better placed to make decisions. It is therefore not a Forex trading platform.


Cashflow Pro is an umbrella organization for companies with old and young entrepreneurs with the aim of providing financial empowerment. Their approach is to shift the perception of having to work hard to make money and instead provide services that allow people to have their money work for them.

They are not only a Forex trader but also provide financial training catering to those hoping to educate themselves on financial matters that will bring financial freedom through to retirement. The company’s vision is to increase overall percentage number of people participating in stock market trading, the mission being the education of the middle class and the disadvantaged on investments wealthy people make to reduce the inequality.

Cashflow Pro offers a course founded out of collaboration among professionals in currency trading globally. The team produces course material with the best traders teaching the class. The course offers industry knowledge in trading that streamlines the trading world in a way that books and studying cannot entirely provide. For the newbie, the classes give much-needed know-how into how to approach trading when they chose to begin trading via the platform. Armed with fundamental theories and currency trading information, a person learns trading techniques using live simulations that the team of seasoned traders uses.


Currently, the Cashflow has 492 Forex Signal Subscribers, 566 Auto Trading Signal Subscribers, 857 Forex Students and 90 years of combined experience from the team.

Forex Trading Signals: these are ideas that depict trading marketing trends in real-time. It helps traders, both new and seasoned, make informed decisions when trading. It includes the buy or sells position, the profits and the stop loss levels.

To apply these trends, all a person needs to do is manually paste them to the trading platform they are using. That means opening the buy/sell position as per the active signal’s data. In a nutshell, Forex trading signals are ideas that traders get to implement with regards to what the take profit and stop loss levels are. Additional information provided includes the signal issue’s time, the entry price, the type of trade (index, commodity, forex pair), and the signal (buy/sell)

The convenience of this product is that users receive mobile phone notifications so that they never miss a trade. The company states that their trading analysts continually work to improve the signals. They say that the aspect of human intelligence, as opposed to system generated, to suit various trading styles.

Auto Trading Signal: there are courses that carter to new traders and those who have prior experience as well. The basics cover what signals get formed through mathematical calculations based on a documentation market activity (the rise and fall) of a given asset. Due to the complexity of what it takes to make a signal, new traders get to work with an automated trading signal.

The convenience of auto-trader signals is that a person does not have to take an hour analyzing data to determine what the best way forward is. Therefore, a person gets a trading guide instead based on algorithms that act as guides to strategies. For those with trading advisors, the same ideas can be tweaked to formulate a unique approach. Those without still don’t get to lose out; if anything, it costs less.

The website

Overall, the site offers a pleasant user experience. Cashflow Pro provides information that lets a trader what the company provides. They also provide additional products to their users. It is, however, important to note that the company states it will not be held liable for any losses incurred through the use of the information they provide.


Provide new traders with the trading know-how

Have a user-friendly website

Work as a complementary product for forex platforms

Run by industry experts


It is not a forex trading platform

You’re not guaranteed profits from implementing their signals


While there are reviews of Smart FX Pro online, it appears that the website referred to does not exist. In its place instead is a site that offers trading courses and other trading products for their clients to use. Some users of the former platform seem to have lost their money during the transition from the comments section of reviews.

Currently, Cashflow Pro X is looking to empower people to become traders, an aspect considered to be for wealthy people and risk takers. For those wishing to establish or increase their trading knowledge can try out this website.



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