Anyoption is operated by Ouroboros and was established in 2008in the broker trading world, it is one of the largest binary options we have in the market. Their trading platform is advanced for binaries as well as other innovative derivatives which made it the first to enter the binary market.


One of this broker’s distinct feature is it’s trading platform. Its easy to use and has a unique look and feel. They have listed their trading options around the trading area. On their drop down menu, you will find specific assets choices.

You can also be able to trade on more than one asset because they have many trading windows on their platforms. You can change the price chart to your preference on the window. The window also shows you your current asset price, the expiry time, and your returns.

When you amend your trading size, then your returns information will also be updated automatically. They also have a feature that allows you to exchange a rebate for lower payouts on your losing trades. The trading area has a flexible configuration that will suit your trading needs.

Besides the regular option they also have other trading options. They have the binary option with the standard up or down option. They have the One Touch option that offers high payouts and operates on a weekly expiry time span.

The Option+ on the other hand allows the options to close early either to reduce losses or lock in profits. The Specials option will offer you underlying classes or specialist asses like Bitcoin. The Binary 0-100 has a setup that allows to make an exchange with the buy or sell option. This option has the capacity to give you smaller rewards for the low risks and offer you huge returns as well.

They also have the Bubbles trading option. It will allow you to choose a finishing bubble and the price finishes at expiry. Depending on where you place the bubble, the payout changes.

For this broker, the minimum deposit required to open an account is $200. You can place the deposit through E-Wallet or wire transfer credit card. You can only make withdrawals via credit card or wire transfer. Depending on the withdrawal method there will be a fee charges. The charges will also depend on the number of withdrawals you make per month and the amount you withdraw.

The payouts for this trader ranges between 70-75%. Keep in mind that your actual future changes as per your assets and the expiry date you choose. You can choose to get up to 15% of loss protection in case your trades is out of money. This allows you to still get back 15% off the capital you used in the trade. Their percentage return is one of the best in the industry.


  • Has a variety of assets to trade
  • Has an expiry time that expires at the end of the week
  • The trading platform is easy to use
  • It has a distinct feel and look


  • The minimum deposit is $200
  • The expiry time is a bit limiting


If you are looking for a binary trading broker with an excellent trading platform, this might be he choice for you. They are also credible because they are regulated by CySec.

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