The no deposit concept means that you will be given some free cash for trading by the no deposit bonus brokers. All you need to do is establish a trading account. Once you have signed up and completed the verification process through your mobile phone, you will instantly have access to the amount deposited in your trading account.

No deposit bonus brokers at Forex ensure risk-free trading.

All trading you carry out using your account is entirely risk-free. In case you make losses in your trading, you don’t need to worry about the hustle of paying back the funds. The fact that the money is a bonus given out to you by the no deposit brokers at Forex, you don’t owe them any funds.

Therefore, a free bonus is important in helping new traders who are cash-strapped and can’t raise the initial funds required for trading. This gives them an excellent chance to secure all their investments while trading risk-free.

Why do some people not want free bonuses?

There are a few reasons why people don’t like the idea of free bonuses thus preferring to risk their investments. Here are top reasons why free bonuses are loathed at times;

The main problem with bonuses has something to do with the issue of withdrawing profits. When you are operating on a bonus, you can’t withdraw your profits before trading the entire required amount. The only way to withdraw your capital is to achieve this goal.

Another thing is the second deposit you make. In case you had not reached the set volume during the previous trading, your new deposit will be subjected to the same rules. At this point, you might compel yourself to change brokers or never deposit the funds at all.


YoutradeFX is an online investment and brokerage firm offering an array of advantages and features to traders who wish to trade from any of their accounts.

It is one of the top bonuses giving brokerage firms with a sumptuous 50% bonus u to USD $2000.


This brokerage firm offers over 220 instruments in about 180 countries with Forex. It is one of the top providers of promotions and bonuses which come in different packages. The double bonus entails a 100% unlimited bonus sharing while the 20% bonus on deposits amounting to $2,000. Both minimum and maximum leverages are based on specific parameters.


Plus500 offers various bonuses which vary from time to time. At this moment (at the time of writing this review), a deposit bonus is granted to any deposits placed in a new account. This bonus depends on the amount of the deposit itself.

l $100 attracts a bonus of $30

l $500 initial deposit gets an extra $150

l $750 receives an extra $200

l $5000 receives an extra $1000.

CM Trading

CM Trading has a diversified range of instruments on offer to its clients but it is quite unimpressive when it comes to bonuses. The maximum deposit bonus is only 15% of the deposit you make. The bonuses tend to rise as the deposits increase.

Easy markets

Easy Markets is quite generous with its bonus plan. The firm offers up to a 50% bonus on all deposits up to $5000. But this incentive only applies to its European Union clients.


AVATrade is another credible yet generous bonus giver. The maximum deposit liable for a bonus is $10,000. However, all deposits attract a 50% bonus at the instant they are made. For this reason, the bonus award scheme is based solely on the volume of transactions.


eToro offers great incentives and credit plans to its traders. Anyone inviting 10 friends to eToro receives a bonus of $1000. Each friend referred receives a $100 deposit bonus in the account. The number of people you can refer is unlimited.


Every new trader who signs up with Trade360 receives a bonus of $10 for opening the position and $20 for closing a position. A bonus of $30 also applies if the trader has made a profit totaling $30 or more. The requirement is a Trade360 account.

IQ options

It is one of the fastest-growing binary brokerage companies with competitive bonuses. A 20% bonus is awarded to deposits totaling $100 or more. The bonuses grow with the increasing deposits.

Capital index

Capital Index has only one bonus scheme on offer so far and it involves a bonus of up to $10,000 on deposits. The requirement is a functional account only.


With FXTM a new account receives a bonus of up to 20% on up to a $150 deposit and in the first 30 days after the deposit. The main requirement for this incentive is to set up a trading account with FXTM.


XM tends to have a range of offers at different times. The outstanding long-term scheme involves a bonus of 30% on all deposits up to $5000.

Trio Markets

Trio Markets offers a 25% sign-up bonus which depends on the time of sign-up. It also has a loss protection scheme that protects clients from losses amounting to a maximum of 25%.


Hotforex has two bonus plans. The 100% credit bonus plan is aimed at increasing the trading volume while the 30% rescue bonus plan is for new account holders. offers a bonus of $25 on any new account created. You don’t need to deposit funds in the new account. offers a deposit of 10% on all deposits totaling a maximum of $2,000 which ends up leveraging at a ratio of 5:1.

Brokers without deposit bonuses


This brokerage firm used to offer deposit bonuses until 14th July 2016 when the plan was stopped for restructuring and verifying all the applications submitted. Therefore, any account registered from that date onwards doesn’t have the bonus on deposits made.


ForexMart has a $300 bonus but is not linked to deposits. The no deposit bonus plan allows traders to begin trading immediately with more capital without involving a lot of risks.


The no deposit program awards bonuses to new clients who open and verify their accounts. You don’t need to make deposits. The bonus ranges from $2 to $50 depending on the type of account.

Indigo DMA

Indigo DMA has a $50 no deposit bonus plan for all new clients. All you need is to open and verify your account. But the promotion can be changed abruptly.


This brokerage firm offers varying amounts of bonuses to new clients in its no deposit bonus plans. The amount you get depends on the enrolled program. You need to open the account and verify it before agreeing to the terms and conditions to claim it.