Forex trading is increasingly becoming what people do to get a secondary source of income. It is no longer left to brokers at national securities exchanges and wealthy persons and companies. Every day people are using it to create and build wealth in a manner that suits them. It could home, the office or on your mobile devices; forex trading has become increasingly accessible. It thus makes a flexible and convenient way to take charge of your financial future without interrupting your current life.

Importance of forex education

As attractive as that sounds, there is a caveat. Losing large sums of money through forex trading is possible. That however primarily happens to people who have no education on the matter. Trading uses real money, and it would be irresponsible to start without prior knowledge. The fantastic aspect of trading is that it is all-inclusive. Regardless of your formal education, social status or employment, everyone has a shot at making an investment and taking their finances to another level.

Another aspect of forex trading that is appealing is that it is unique. You can tailor accordingly. Whether trading to pay off your loans, for retirement or to purchase a home, you are free to choose the direction you want to take when investing. Whatever the case is putting hard work in learning the ropes about forex trading is what will give you the desired outcome. It is not hard to learn, but it does require time and commitment. Consider it as in investment to your future.

Armed with knowledge and the correct tools, you will discover how to prosper despite the economic climate. Aspects such as risk management show you what to invest and where to put your money. You will also find that you can indeed make money even in falling markets, something a novice trader might overlook. Most of all, you learn to work with facts and data, not what you perceive to be the truth- otherwise, you will lose big money.

How to learn to trade

As with other subjects, there are various ways to learn forex trading. You can use books, get online or enrol for a sit-in class.

Trading books are common though it requires large chunks of time to understand both the material but the author’s viewpoint. It is however convenient in that you can always refer to it when you get stuck when trading. Overall, self-learning shows good initiative but is limiting. You’re unable to ask questions about segments you don’t understand. The text also has to be current and one that matches the current market, which by itself is quite the uphill task.

Most people note the limitations of doing it yourself and enrol for classes. Between the in-class courses and those online, most people choose the latter out of convenience and the ability to move at your pace. Currently, it is the fastest growing approach to learning forex trading. You do have to pay for the courses with different trading service providers charging differently. We shall explore these next.

Review: 10 companies offering forex education

Forex Training –Well rounded trading courses available

Forex Academy is on the 1st Floor of Lake Buena Vista Building, 1267 Gordon Hood Road, at Centurion. The owner of the academy is Ernest Klokow with more than 12 years’ experience in trading and training. Their vision is to bring order and respect to the forex industry through the sharing of their knowledge and expertise. They also state that they provide info on what works and what won’t so that the first time trader can build a profitable home business.

The Forex Academy course is based on reduced time in learning all while teaching the formula to succeed. The goal is to change the current perspective on forex trading about it being a stressful endeavour. They aim to show clients that trading is non-emotional and you can succeed through the application of sound principles.


  • The Metatrader 4 Platform- for beginners learning the trading software/platform (R1, 320)
  • 3 Month’s Forex Trading Course- For those looking to build a career in the Forex industry (R31, 500)
  • 3 Month’s Forex Trading Course- after hours (R23, 000)
  • Online Forex Courses by Forex Academy
    • Comprehensive Online Forex Training Course for Beginners ($349)
    • Flagship Trading Systems Course ($275)
    • Complete Forex Trading Course ($599)

Rating: 3/5

*Though Forex Training provides various course options, the site’s interface is outdated. Equally, the online training product is not theirs, and they appear to be acting as an affiliate.

Forex College – a reputable company to work with albeit expensive

Forex College Trading Courses is the brainchild of Astara Trader CC that began in 2006/2007 when. It is a Forex Fund Management Company, based in Sandton South Africa. They don’t have a training centre but take the training to their clients. It came about from the need of educating new fund managers to have them trading in the shortest possible time. Currently, they offer the 5 in 1 Trading Course that started as a face-to-face course they had with clients, before branching out to include an online alternative.

This course is for both new and experienced traders wishing to excel in the arena. What makes this course different is clients have access to networks with fellow traders, mentorship and access to trading recommendations. That makes it ideal for those wanting to take a professional route or if you wish to create your wealth. Their approach based on trader psychology, money management, market analysis and the creation of your plan is what will get you to pro status.


5 in 1 Trading Course

  • Home study version (R13, 500)
  • Class training version (R18, 500)

Rating: 4/5

*The course is engineered by highly skilled professionals considered trading specialist well versed in managing the Forex Funds. It also got created with the forex trading newbie in mind.

Stock Market College Expensive and best for advanced traders

The college is based in Building 13, Woodmead Estate Office Park, 1 Woodmead Drive, Woodmead, 2191 Sandown, Gauteng, South Africa. The college aims to uplift communities and to produce students who are both independent and creative. The purpose is to have people who as a result of their course become active players in the country’s economy and bring value to the workforce.

The training courses are both theoretical and practical. For the latter part, you will have both simulated trading experience for practice purposes before going to the real-life environment. With this kind of approach, the client will be well equipped and confident to trade moving forward. It provides people with the fundamentals of trading, technical knowledge and the practicalities of the same.


The rates provided for both aspects are R30 744.00 for three years to access their material, or you can pay R10 248.00 per person if you are three people wishing to share the product

  • Stock market trading
  • Forex trading

Rating: 3/5

* Though the brand appears legit, there have been accusations of scamming that remains unresolved. It is however primarily due to lack of understanding of the product and the terms before one signs the contract.

Forex Masters– best one-on-one courses with the company’s founder

This forex trading training is by Johan van As who has for nearly the past three decades working in the Financial Services sector. He has been training since 2004 with various notable clients. The course has received awards in the past three years including The Best Forex Training Company in South Africa (2016-2017) by Corporate Vision Magazine, UK. The second award was in 2018 by AI Global Media Ltd, the UK for Best Forex Training Provider in South Africa.

Forex Masters offers training that has been backed up by years of research by one man. It has proven to work for the past few decades and is sharing that knowledge with novice and expert traders. It is open to anyone looking to trade professionally or generate separate income.


Johan holds group training in several venues around South Africa including Pretoria, Port-Elizabeth, Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Bloemfontein. For the three-day class to continue there ought to be a minimum of five people.

  • Forex Trading Course
    • One-to-One Training (R15, 000 pp)
    • Groups of 2+ (R10, 000 pp)
  • Free trading lessons
  • Self-study Forex Training Courses (varies according to CD/DVD purchased)
  • The Bitcoin Training Institute’s Beginner Course (R1, 500)

Rating: 4.5/5

* Some awards validate the effectiveness of the course. There are equally study options to suit your style, including a free online course that you can try out before committing.

Jaba Forex Training– MT4 platform training at a reasonable price

The training got started by retail traders. As newbies, it took years to gather experience. The tide changed when they began using Fundamental and Technical Analysis that propelled them into success. These help in finding out why the market is moving as it is. For nearly the past decade the team has trained, as well as spent a sizable amount to find what works.

Jaba Forex training intention is to share knowledge that will aid people to succeed in the financial markets. They choose to use easy-to-follow ways so that even the inexperienced can follow through. All their courses are online, you can, therefore, do them from anywhere in the world, and at the pace you find convenient.


  • Forex Trading for Beginners Manual with Detailed MT4 Tutorial (Initial: $125.00, sale: $49.99)
  • Introduction to Forex Trading Concepts Manual (Initial: $69.99, sale: $27.99)
  • MT4 Training Manual/ Detained MT4 Tutorial Guide (Initial: $69.99, sale: $27.99)

Rating: 3/5

*The brand only focuses on using the MT4 platform and chosen to focus on the Fundamental and Technical Analysis methodology in their training. For someone who wants to learn more, this is limiting.

Learn to Trade– Exorbitantly priced and most marred with scamming accusations

This forex training company was founded in 2003 and is by Greg Secker. He is an international speaker and philanthropist aside from being an entrepreneur. He owns SmartCharts Software and the Greg Secker Foundation. As a multi-millionaire in his 20s, Greg now shares the knowledge that has him holding one of the most successful trading companies in Europe. In South Africa, they on Lower Road, Sandton, in Johannesburg.

Learn to Trade has multiple awards. In 2013 they received the World Finance Awards- Forex Companies and Brokers in South Africa. The World Finance Magazine in both 2012 and 2013 awarded the company Best Educator. Global Banking & Finance in 2015 and 2016 awarded the company Best Forex Educational Provider, among others. The training is for those who want to achieve financial freedom and create the lifestyle they want from a second revenue stream.


  • Two-hour free seminar
  • Forex Trading Courses (£13, 000)

Rating: 2.5/5

*On, the company, has an average of 2-star rating with over a hundred complaints about the company’s misconduct. The primary reasons given are that the free seminar is a sales pitch and the courses are information already on the internet. These concerns remain unresolved.

Forex Academy– Best courses to take if you don’t have a budget restriction

This training company is on Lake Buena Vista, 1267 Gordon Hood Rd, Centurion, South Africa. They pride themselves =guarantees profitability, having long courses for students to grasp hard concepts better, and free support and mentoring after the class. It is ideal for those starting and what all the information in their hands before moving forward to trading.

Forex Academy is specific about how you get to make big wins; you follow all their rules taught. The teachers guiding the course are vetted to only include those with a record of profitability on live trading accounts. They also employ the use of a robot they call “expert advisor’ that opens trades according to rules on your behalf to save you screen time. Also, after the three-month Forex Trading Course, a competition ensues with large prized up for grabs.


  • Meta Trader 4 Online Course ($99)
  • Flagship strategies and Systems ($275)
  • Forex Online Course: Comprehensive Beginners Course ($349)
  • Complex Forex Trading Course ($599)
  • 3 Month’s Forex Trading Master Course- After Hours ($1, 917)
  • 3 Month’s Forex Trading Master Course- Full time ($2, 625)

Rating: 4.5/5

*They have an extensive list of course to choose from. They also offer a long course, giving students ample time to grasp the harder concepts of forex trading.

Online Trading Academy– Expensive but has several useful courses

Their offices are located in several regions worldwide, the most being in the USA. Otherwise, classes are available for anyone with high-speed internet if you are in South Africa. Their primary markets are traders, investors and individuals looking to create wealth. The company has over 20 years’ experience.

Their courses are structured in a manner that upon completion you can always retake the class on the next available opening. The courses also vary according to skill, allow you to increase your learning on forex trading. Class times range from half a day to three days or longer. With the remote classes, you have the freedom to pace your education while still getting interactive training sessions.


  • Trading courses
  • Online Trading Academy half-day live workshop (free)
  • Core Strategy Courses ($300)
  • Online Remote Training
  • Specialty courses ($5, 000 – $8, 000)
  • XLT courses
  • The Mastermind Community Program for those who have completed all thee XLT courses- ($15,000 year one, after $5,000 annually/ $25,000 year one for lifetime access)

Rating: 4/5

*The costing is done on an individual basis and varies, but it is still expensive. Overall they offer a good training experience.

The Market– best one-on-one courses with the company’s founder on a budget

Colin Abrams is behind this trading company. He traded for 20 years and more so full time in the past 15 years. He has experience in stocks, commodities, financial indices, and currencies and education to back up his knowledge.

About every three months, Colin conducts three-day course under The Market various product offering mentioned. Those who attend the classes vary, ranging from members of the general public, to fund managers to professional traders.


All courses are R2, 200. There are special discounts as well; R1, 000 if you attend all three courses and an R300 discount per class if you bring a friend.

  • Technical Analysis
  • Advanced Technical Analysis
  • Money Management
  • Trading Psychology

Rating: 4/5

*The company appears legit enough and fairly priced. The only concern is only getting training as per Colin’s schedule.

Sure Trading – the cheapest available online course

Sure Trading began in East London in South Africa, 2002 before moving to Claremont, Cape Town in 2008. The founders are Ross and Bev Larter who saw a unique opportunity in providing stock market education and investment trading tools. They remain a relatively small company because they don’t wish to compromise on their customer service experience.

Overall, the course they offer is tailored for newbies looking to learn the ropes on the stock markets before they begin investing. They believe in first investing in education before venturing out to make income for years to come, even beyond retirement.


  • Forex Trading Foundation Course (R350)

Rating: 3/5

*Though the course is cheapest on the list, it covers only the basics. If you are looking for more, you might have to rely on other training courses.