is a leading trading platform that handles Forex and CFD exchanges. The company owes its roots to Arbat Capital Ltd., founded in 2006. It was later renamed as SafeCap Investments Ltd in 2009 and continues to date under the name It is a regulatory service that was authorized for forex by Financial Services Provider under license no 43906 and Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission under license no 092/08 in 2008. Since then has established itself as a trustworthy trading platform that takes good care of its clients.

Account Structure offers traders three kinds of accounts to indulge themselves.

Classic, Standard, or Premium.

The minimum deposits vary from $100 for Classic to $2500 for standard and $20000 for premium. All the accounts come with a morning review of daily analysis, 24-hour customer service in over 34 languages, dedicated account managers, desktop and mobile trading, webinars, and seminars. Standard and Premium have a few added features of SMS, free signals, and news. The Premium also adds extra premium customer support.

The platform has incorporated live training sessions for the entrants to the industry and an informative economic calendar.

The premium users also are offered the AutoChartlist trading tool. The trading offers provide a wide range of leverage from 25:1 to 100:1 for gold and silver. There are also offers to extend the leverage to 200:1.

There is also an option of setting up a demo account.

New users can use the account to explore all the features of the platform. There are no risks involved as they would not be trading with real money. If the trader feels comfortable and ready they can convert their demo account to a real account.

Mobile & Desktop Trading Platforms


Meta Trader4(MT4):

The trading platform has become increasingly popular. Setting the standard for the tools dealing in Forex, the platform is both customer friendly and advanced. The novice traders are guided well by the customer-friendly features. The experts too are well taken care of by the advanced analytic tools and other customized features that they can incorporate to meet their requirements.

Meta Trader 4 MultiTerminal:

The platform is dedicated to traders indulging in multiple MT4 accounts. The platform comes with system-generated emails and alerts, news and updates on trading events, etc. The platform defines several models that are characterized by predefined volumes, equity ratios, total volumes per order, and percentage allocations. The traders can utilize the predefined values to either perform or manage the open and pending positions.

Sirix Web Trader:

The platform enables social trading through trading cubes. The traders can track the activities of other traders enabling the new traders to align their own with the more experienced. It also offers many advanced analytic tools and charts equipped with a Live Analysis feature. The platform is not as developed as MT4. Nevertheless, it is gaining immense popularity.

Market Mobile Trader:

The mobile platform is a great platform to track the market when desktop access is not possible. It allows access to all the ex-markets 24 hours a day. Though the platform comes with limited analysis tools the users can enjoy the luxury of monitoring their previous trades and also monitor the market to open a new trade anywhere and at any point in time.

The platform offers many options to the traders when it comes to the deposit and withdrawal of their money. The transfers can be made through Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, or wire transactions. It also comes up with other options that are specific to a particular area after consulting with the client. However, the account that is linked to the transfer is only used for withdrawal. So the traders need to be careful while associating their accounts with this forex platform.


Transactions: Deposits and Withdrawals


The transactions that are made through debit and credit cards usually take 24 hours to process. The wired transactions can take two business days to process. The platform does not charge any deposit fees. The traders, however, should consult and be aware of the charges that the bank levies on the transfers. If the trader goes for a premium account the platform itself covers all of these charges.




The firm has only two offices in Cyprus and Gibraltar. However, they offer top-notch support who are well trained and provide assistance in over 34 languages. The support can be reached over call, email, or live chat that is 24*5 available. The concerns of all the traders are taken into consideration and supported with high-level professionalism.

Types of Trading


CFD trading is a platform similar to Forex. CFD stands for Contract for Trading. It involves speculating the rise or fall of the prices of shares, commodities, treasuries, oils, and currencies rather than buying or selling the assets. If one’s predicted trend prevails then he/ she is rewarded with multiples of the points that they have invested in favor of the change. Similarly, in the case of loss, the equivalent number of points is deducted from one’s account. At one can trade CFDs (Contracts For Difference) with a margin of 1-2 % and leverage up to 100:1. The traders can start CFD with no extra commission fee involved.

As suggested by the name, forex day trading involves the transactions of a single day. The trader engaged in Day trading starts his day with a certain opening price of a trade and calls it a profit or loss depending on the closing price of the commodity for the day.

Why choose


The entire platform is online. So the traders need not install any external software to start trading.

The trading experience is highly smoothened with zero commission fees, leverage between 5-200, tight spreads, real-time and relevant market analysis and round-the-clock customer support. has a detailed leverage structure for various assets:


  • Stocks: leverage up to 1:20
  • Currencies: leverage up to 1:300
  • Indices: leverage up to 1:150
  • Commodities: leverage up to 1:200


The technical analysis tools include live streaming live feed, SMS notifications, daily trading signals, and highly responsive customer care support. The analysis charts provide the pivot points, support, and resistance levels of the market. The features are designed keeping in mind traders of all levels from beginners to experienced.

The MT4 platform is highly sensitive and can be easily reached to process various requests. The availability of different platforms provides the traders for selecting one among them that best suits their needs.

The traders who are affluent in their business need rigorous analysis of the market trends to predict the upcoming price point changes. These traders, therefore, find their software irreplaceable with an online platform where the options are restricted. The tools though advanced and versatile are limited in their functionality. Also, the traders find it cumbersome to download the charts to analyze them under different parameters. is a trusted platform that has created a niche of its own in the forex trading platform. The MT4 has set a standard for other platforms to follow. The users prefer MT4 to others owing to its user-friendly features and highly sensitive analysis tools. The popularity of MT4 undoubtedly speaks for the platform. It asserts confidence that it has provided a satisfactory experience to traders and provided them with their desired customizations. So if you are looking to invest in forex, is a great platform to kick start with.

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