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Trio Markets is a great brokerage firm that has been in business for over 15 years. We at will be taking a closer look today.  First of all, they are thoroughly regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). They are also regulated by the Markets in Financial Instruments (MIPID). These are a part of the European Commission’s Financial Service Action Plan (FSAP). Knowing this, you can be sure that your investments will be secure.



Trio Markets is unique in that all the platforms you can trade on are based on a single major one — the Meta Trader 4. There are many advantages to the MT4. There is a large range of features that are customizable, giving traders over fifty different charting and analysis tools that are in real-time. The trading interface is intuitive, and you can trade options with a single click. Furthermore, there is support for your own self-developed trading algorithms while still retaining expert advisers (known as EAs).


From a single pip, you can put in place limits and stops on all major Forex pairs. You are also able to set a point where you can stop losses and take your profits while still being able to open another trade at the same time. Your risk management is easily controlled by the ability to trade by mini-lots, which are also known as 0.01 lots. This leads to more precise trading of lot sizes. This platform also offers complete anonymity in your FX trading. The providers will not be able to see either your pending trading or stop loss orders. There are also no restrictions on trading or trading conflicts between you and your broker.


Trading Platforms explained


This includes mobile trading, which allows you to trade wherever you are and can be found in iApps or Google App store. Another platform is the Web Trader. With this you can trade from any mobile or computer device as long as you have access to the internet — no installations are needed. They also include MT4 social trading. This is one of the most exciting trends in the industry to date and helps bring clients together. It helps to empower and teach each trader each other’s skills so they can learn how to trade both smarter and faster. Finally, there is PAMM, which allows you to control several accounts through just one main account. These platforms allow you to be prepared virtually anywhere for the next big trade wherever it is most convenient for you.


Their accounts come in three packages: standard, advanced, and premium, which allows you to start wherever you are comfortable. They also include a special feature called the TrioAcademy, which will be explained further in the different accounts.


Standard Account: This is the entry-level account that has been created for you to enter the trading world both safely and successfully. There will also be an account manager that is both supportive and a guide through the trading world. Best of all, on this account, there is no commission. It comes with TrioAcademy, which also helps educate you. It provides one on one coaching, Ebooks, and video and course tutorials.


Advanced Account: This account has enhanced features and is great for traders who already have a higher degree of trading knowledge as well as more active activity. If you want good features as a trader and one of the best atmospheres to do it in, then this account will appeal to you. The TrioAcademy in this account also offers one on one coaching, Ebooks, trading signals, daily marketing briefs, as well as video and course tutorials.


Premium Account: The premium account is for the very experienced and wealthy trader who does not want any interference. They can trade hassle-free and manage their high quantities of transactions. You will have priority access to their customer support team and have an extremely low commission charge. Your withdrawals will also be processed within 6 hours! You also get the same benefits of TrioAcademy as the advanced account.


You can rest assured that your funds are being deposited safely and with the highest security and know that (unless you have a premium account) your withdrawals will be processed within twenty-four hours. The deposit and withdrawal methods Trio Markets uses are wire transfer, credit cards, PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill. The minimum deposit is $500, and the currency that you use to open the account is the currency your deposit will be made. When you withdraw your money, they will pay you the same way you funded your account. Withdrawals have a 3% fee of the total withdrawal amount.


Pros and Cons




The TrioAcademy is a definite plus, especially to anyone new to trading. It is rare to find a brokerage firm that is willing to help educate you, let alone provide one on one coaching, through the system. The MT4 platform is also an amazing system to provide you with so many different ways to trade no matter where you are. Plus the different levels of accounts help you find just the right fit for where you are in your trading career.




This brokerage only offers free signals and bonuses to those with higher-ranking accounts.


In Summary


Trio Markets is a reliable and safe brokerage. With its state-of-the-art MT4 platform and TrioAcademy, it is truly unique and shows they are looking out for its clients. Withdrawals and deposits are quick and easy, and you won’t have to worry about missing an opportunity. Go to Trio Markets website and check them out for yourself. You won’t be let down.


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