uBanker is an online trading broker owned by Green Pole Ltd in Vanuatu. Their services are offered by Rehoboth Limited 73 Arch. They have a WhatsApp number +447874406956 and email address [email protected] uBanker as a trading broker could be the right service for all your forex needs. To find this out one has to investigate the features it has, weigh them out to consider its legitimacy.


UBanker offers a self-study course to improve the skills of traders. Topics range from forex fundamental, trends, tools and techniques. They also offer a personal trainer to guide you through the learning process matching your personalized needs.

Trading Platforms

There are two trading platforms offered mobile profit and web profit. The platforms are user-friendly and are customized to suit even traders who are just beginners.

The mobile profit platform is a convenience on your phone, everywhere and anywhere you are on the internet. You can continue trading and monitor activities on the go.

The web profit trading platform on your computer is fast and as easy to use also. There are no installations and downloads required to use this platform. Using this interface one can go through news, analysis and updates key to your trading.

Trading tools

Live rates, trending trends, and market tools are available at UBanker to help you when making decisions. The three are a guiding light to your trades. Live rates are the show the latest of the currency exchange rates in the market.

Trending trends are designed to show how an asset might perform in the future based on data collected from the previous activity of the asset.

UBanker has a collection of news stories and analysis on the market. These articles keep you up to date on the vital information needed for your trade.

Trading Assets

With uBanker you can trade on currencies the major currencies in the world are available for trading. Any help needed in the buying and selling of currencies, the spread vary from 0.0025 to 1 Banker’s databank will help in making the decision.

Commodities are available to trade. The most popular include silver, gold, oil, and coffee. There also other commodities available like wheat, sugar, soybean and many other more. The spread in value is from 0.02 to 20.

Contracts for Difference (CFD’s) are high-risk, high return tradable instruments, but they are highly popular because you do not have to own them to buy and sell shares using them. The tradable CFD’s offered on uBanker are over fifty. The spread in value is from 0.02 to 60.

Their indices’ list includes the most popular indices in the world. Each trades at different times from each other and uBanker provides a timetable to keep in the know of their trading times.

With you having a choice between ordinary shares and preferred shares uBanker trade shares of the biggest companies in the world likes of Apple, Facebook, and Google.

To trade with all the above, opening an account to trade only requires a deposit of 200$. The trading hours of the different kinds of trades are listed so that wherever you are in the world you in the know of this.

Payment Methods

There are four ways to pay for your transactions with uBanker, credit card, debit card, wire transfer and skrill/Moneybookers. Each of these options have different processing times and conditions.

If you are using a credit card, the transfer is instant. However one needs to present proof of payment to uBankers representatives. Debit cards are also processed instantly.

It might take up to five business days to process payments made through wire transfers. You are advised to notify your bank of uBankers details. Through Skrill the payments are instant.


Withdrawing money begins with first registering your withdrawal, and the second one is required to email a number of required documents for processing. The documents include: a copy of your identification, proof of your residence, hand signed a seven-page contract.

If the transaction were made using a credit card, you should provide copy and credit card declaration, or a hand signed deposit in case of 5 transactions to your email. Third, give all your full bank details.

Customer Service

Customers are availed various avenues to interact with UBanker. You can call six days a week, Monday to Friday during business hours, send an email or send WhatsApp message. You can also the live chat feature on the trading platform while you trade.

Also, you can use their services in four different languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, and French.


UBanker used safe and trusted payment methods such as Visa Electron and Skrill for both withdrawals and deposit. Privacy protection and data encryption over financial information and personal information are protected under an eTrust seal that keeps out third parties. Data is also secured with encryption.


• It is easy and uncomplicated for us especially for beginners who are trying out trading for the first time.

• Bidding starts at 200$; this is a low and a comfortable place to start too low-risk takers.

• uBanker have worked on securing their online trading site; this makes it a relatively safe place to check out.

• The tips and tools to trade are an added advantage in making trading decisions.

• The training course helps in expanding a trader’s knowledge in the business. The personal trainer/account manager also makes navigating through the process much easier.


• The Trading volume necessary for withdrawal of bonus money is 5000 times the deposit you put plus bonus amount. This is a clear indication for you not to accept any bonus money.

• A broker having a license is necessary for the protection of your money as a customer in case they go out of business. uBanker has a trading license from Vanuatu. This license, however, might not be recognized in your respective country, and this might make your money vulnerable.


uBanker as a trading broker offers a couple of attractive perks that as a trader will attract you to try them out. Their site is responsive and user-friendly. Their minimum entry to trading is a

comfortable low amount. If you are new to trading uBanker is able to guide you through the whole process making it easier for anyone to grow their knowledge and experience.


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